M.T.A.S. (Multipurpose Target Acquisition System), designed & developed for the Android smartphone, enables the user  (whether Airsofter, Law Enforcement, or Military) to have an advantage by allowing an individual to take aim from behind cover without having to expose themselves

airsoft pistol for demonstration purposes

With several configurations (pistol, rifle, shotgun, vehicle etc.) there are many uses. For the pistol configuration, the smartphone would mount onto the user’s non-dominant forearm via a forearm phone holder. The compact camera would mount onto the rail of a pistol. While remaining behind cover, with the user looking at their forearm, the individual can aim their pistol from behind a barrier and have the ability to perform accurate marksmanship while remaining unexposed, utilizing the live feed from the compact camera. Get the app at Google Play Store.


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(tested at 100 yards/300 feet)

Please note, this software is only compatible with OTG capable Android devices.

*Patent pending*

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